Our field of work


Kateena OÜ is the official reseller of steam generators manufactured by an Italian company Gavardo Caldaie SRL in the Baltic States. By today, several factories in the Baltic States use our equipment.

The steam generators offered by us have the following advantages:

  • quick vaporisation of water in the coil;
  • vertical (FB) and horizontal (OMG) steam boilers;
  • construction with three smoke passes;
  • wide range of burners from different manufacturers;
  • guaranteed thermal efficiency of 90%;
  • coil material P235GH;
  • steam production of up to 3,000 kg/h;
  • two-stage or modulating working process;
  • feeder pump of up to 105 °C;
  • safety automatics from Danfoss;
  • no risk of explosion;
  • all components can be easily accessed and replaced;
  • the pumps and automatics used have lower maintenance costs than those used by competing manufacturers.

These advantages make it possible to use our steam generators in many industries using steam.

The steam generators are constructed of high quality and widespread components, which reduces the risk of possible failures and the volume of maintenance works.

Our steam generators are compact. The burner, feed water pumps and automatics panel are factory-mounted on the body of the steam generator. The feed water unit is on a separate base together with the feed water tank and water softener. Since the main components of the steam generator are connected and adjusted at the factory, the volume of installation works is significantly smaller.

The body of the steam generator is insulated with rock wool and covered with stainless sheet metal. The steam generator is painted with special anti-corrosion metal paints to maintain the visual aesthetics of the steam generator longer.

As at today, more than 3,000 industries in the world use steam generators manufactured by Gavardo Caldaie




The company named Gavardo Caldaie was established in the 1960s, starting off with the construction and repair of coils.

In 1965, the company manufactured its first vertical steam generator (FB) and expanded its activities by starting to manufacture steam generators mainly intended for washhouses. As the result of its strong development and growth, the factory launched its first horizontal steam generator (OMG) in the 1970s.

Later, they supplemented their product range with horizontal and vertical thermal oil generators (OMD, OMDV).